The Institute of Economists of Nigeria (INEN) was registered with corporate affairs commissions (CAC) under Federal Government guaranteeship as a Professional umbrella Body to recover and restore the stolen professional glory of economics as a discipline. The ‘CAMA’ registration number is RC. 792172. It was also duely accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education of Nigeria with accreditation Ref No: DE/ESS/20/EV.51/90. Really, the Institute of Economists of Nigeria was established by some selective internationally recognized and generally respected economists of substance out of the burning desire to pursue the following objectives.

1.    To bring together genuine, qualified, seasoned and professional economists with the primary objective of cross-feterlising ideas and knowledge on national and international economic issue.
2.    To enhance the economic and physical values of the economists with the aim of setting them free from the firm grips of other professional bodies which  hitherto do not provide professional umbrella for the queen’s and noble profession.
3.    To work hand-in-hand with other relevant and related agencies, commissions, ministries and professional bodies with the sole aim of standardizing the quality of education in economics as a discipline through professionalism.
4.    To constantly create a forum through which professional economists will come together under one umbrella with a view to making a permanent, useful, effective and enduring economic policy recommendations to both public and private sectors of the economy.
5.    To relate professionally with relevant and related international     agencies, commissions and set-ups through exchange of economic ideas in order to keep abreast of current developments in the international scene (globalization).  
6.    To encourage, train, educate and enlighten qualified professional and academic economists through regular, up to date and highly organized and standardized seminars, workshops, talkshop, conferences and classically packaged short-period developmental courses.
7.    To prepare students who  are willing to be professionally inclined in the     subject matter for the Institute qualifying professional examinations through full time and short-time intensive training programmes organized by the Institute’s Training Arm.
8.    To register eligible students who are interested in subscribing to the Institute student membership and who are transparently qualified based on the academic admission requirement as specified in the Institute Admission Requirement Brochure (IARB.)
9.    To peacefully, intelligently and diplomatically fight the general course of the members through communique and regular presentation of members plight to the relevant authorities.
10.    To work relentlessly through articulated plan and strategies in ensuring national and international recognition of the professional body.
11.    To promote the art and science of economic profession by carrying out desired economic researches and utilizing the result thereof for the enhancement of the country’s economic policy formulations.